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A Single Strand - Chapter 8 - That Special Feeling

"Inu Yasha, can't you do anything other that lounge about?" Sango shouted at the hanyou.

A week had passed since the Kagura attack. The first two days afterwards had been spent cleaning the rubble away. Inu Yasha had helped with that, but as soon as the humans had it under control, he had spent the day light hours in the tree he was currently sitting in. The house had been repaired enough so that there was a kitchen, a bathroom, and a second story bedroom. They were still working on getting it all back up.

Sango had gotten fed up with his lack of action.

"I'm not lounging, I'm keeping watch," Inu Yasha replied. He was leaning against the tree trunk on a low branch. One leg was dangling leisurely off the branch, and his arms were folded behind his head. One eye opened lazily to glance at the hostess.

"We don't need a watch! Get down! You eat off of those dishes, the least you could do is clean them."

"Who died and made you queen of the world?"

Sango stood and fumed silently, trying to control her range. The casual comment was taken very seriously.

As well it should have. After the demon attack, Inu Yasha and Shippou had looked to Sango as a leader, and Kagome thought of her as a big sister.

Sango's father and little brother had been killed by Youkaibo. She had even had a little harmless demon as a pet for the longest time. It had been tormented and killed by the company for no real reason. Those events persuaded Sango to turn against it. She had met Miroku in the campaign she had participated in.

Miroku was suffering -though not apparently- from a disease Youkaibo released on his grand father in the early days of its power struggle. Eventually, they had fallen in love and gotten married.

"Inu Yasha!" Kagome's call carried to the ears of the hanyou from the kitchen window. "Come here and help me with the dishes!"

Inu Yasha's face had brightened at the sound of Kagome's voice and he leapt from the tree, calling "In a sec," before barreling to the house.

Sango rolled her eyes, muttering, "Demons." She looked out to the setting sun. A chilling wind scattered her hair. Sango shivered slightly.

An arm wrapped around her shoulders and Sango was pulled into a warm embrace. She looked into Miroku's puppy eyes and he smiled. "It's getting cold. You should be inside," he whispered.

She smiled slightly as well. There was no use thinking of the past. "Right. You too."

They started walking back to the house. Sango sighed in contentment. How often Miroku had done this. It was often romantic until...

Sango smacked him. "Hentai," she hissed. As usual, Miroku's hand had slipped from her shoulders to her waist, then a little farther.

"Ow.. Sango-chan what was that for?" Miroku complained, using her pet name.

"Just because we're married, doesn't mean you can do that when ever you want!"

"Hai, I shall remember that."

Again, Sango sighed, this time with exasperation. He'd remember until his cheek stopped hurting, then he'd be at it again.


The kitchen was warm. Kagome was standing at the sink, her arms elbow deep in foamy bubbles, lecturing her hanyou on manners again.

Inu Yasha was sitting backwards in a chair, watching Kagome's movements like a schoolboy day dreaming. Watching, but not hearing a word.

"And you know, it wouldn't be so bad if you would just help a..." Kagome was cut off in mid-sentence when red clad arms slipped around her shoulders. They pulled her closer. Silver hair blurred vision as Inu Yasha nuzzled her neck.

"Inu Yasha, what are you...?" again she was cut off.

The plate she had been cleaning slipped into the sink with a small splash. Inu Yasha stepped back, his face slowly reddening. Kagome now had two imprints on her neck. Kagome turned to glare, but the hanyou was back in the chair, redder than a tomato, yet otherwise the same as he had been before.

She had known she wanted Inu Yasha to like her, especially after the Kouga incident. Kagome had been drawn to the way Inu Yasha moved, the way he acted... but what was that? Did he really like her too? Well it would make sense, but…


The voice jarred her out of her private reveries.

"Yeah? What is it Sango?"

"I can finish the dishes if you'd like to go get some sleep."

"Oh, no that's..."

Sango put a hand on Kagome's arm. The older woman was smiling slyly. "It's getting late. Go on."


"You know what I'm thinking. You be nice to Inu-chan tonight."

Finally getting the implications, Kagome flushed furiously. Then, she turned indignantly and started walking out the room. Without stopping she called, "Inu Yasha, come."

Inu Yasha had a highly confused look on as he got up and followed Kagome up the stairs to the bedroom. Sango and Miroku had given it up to them, saying they could sleep on the couch and it wasn’t right for guests to do that.

Both of them were in the room when Kagome finally stopped. Inu Yasha sat against the wall. She locked the door before walking over and sitting next to the hanyou.

"Why did you try to bite me?" she asked quietly.

"I'm sorry," Inu Yasha muttered, looking at the ground.

"I'm not asking for an apology, I want to know why."

"I...I wanted you. Right then. That's how demons show they love each marriage." Inu Yasha had had some guy talk with Miroku. The fallen monk had explained the human way to him, as well as some of the demon way. The rest was just instinct.

"Kagome...I want you to be my mate."


" my 'wife'." Inu Yasha's golden orbs finally sought Kagome's. His eyes had such a desperate look, Kagome was unsure she would be able to resist even if she had wanted to.

Instead, she decided to act as he would normally, giving her answer at the same time. Smiling mischievously, she said, "Bite me."

Inu Yasha tackled her, pinning Kagome to the ground. "Don't mind if I do." He nipped Kagome's neck again.

She made a slight growl and reached up, wrapping her arms around his neck and hanging inches above the ground. "Mate," she whispered. "I like that. You'll be mine now."

"Not quite. You have to bite me now."

"I can't do that."

"Why? You don't want to?"

"No, no. I don't have fangs like you."

"Bite me anyway. Then, we'll make it official."


"Sango, what exactly did you tell them?" Miroku asked. They had been disturbed by a loud thump from the second story.

Sango nuzzled closer to him, giving the monk a small kiss. "I could ask you the same thing."

"Inu Yasha wanted to know what a human would call a mate."

"And you told him? Miroku!" For once, Sango slapped her husband playfully.

"You're so irresistible when you do that."

"Not yet. What did you tell him?"

"Only that when two humans love each other, they want to show it to the world by getting married. Husband and wife, like us." Miroku grabbed Sango’s hand and held it up.

"For real?"

"That was it. I swear."

Sango kissed him again. "Good boy."

A gagging sound came from the hall. "Oh, kami, what is it?" Sango asked, standing. She was praying it was just a stray cat with a hairball.

The little kit looked up at her with remorseful green eyes. "That's gross. Kagome locked me out of the room, so I was going to see where else I could sleep."

Sango didn't know what to say. She had been so positive it was a stray, seeing the kit stumped her.

Miroku saved her. "Shippou, how would you like to sleep under the stars?"

"Tonight? Yay!" the kitsune hugged the ex-monk excitedly.

"Let's go get you ready."

Shippou squealed and headed for the small cellar that doubled as a mini basement.

Sango watched the little kit run off. "Shame we couldn't have kids," she muttered wistfully.

"Yeah. But, there's more time for us that way."

"Yes. That's always nice. And I guess we've already taken one in, haven't we?"




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