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A Single Strand - Chapter 7 - Winds of Fate

A strong wind rattled the windows of the house. Inu Yasha growled, not liking what he sensed.

"What is it, Inu Yasha?" Sango asked. She had been walking up stairs and had run into Inu Yasha.

"Demon," he stated in a monotone. It should have been obvious, seeing as Youkaibo was on their tails.

"Miroku!" Sango shouted up to the room the two shared. "Wake up!” Sango turned to the hanyou and asked politely, “Inu Yasha, could you get Kagome for me? We'll be waiting downstairs."

"Yes, ma’am."

Sango was the voice of reason for the more strategic fighting. Inu Yasha had learned to respect her quickly in the two weeks that had passed.

Miroku was seen pulling a shirt over his head as he passed. Inu Yasha thought it was a wonder he didn't fall. Inu Yasha went to get Kagome, but he still heard the smooch the married couple gave each other. He rolled his eyes at the thought. As he got to the room, he saw Kagome hopping madly on one foot while she tried to en-sock the other.

Kagome also caught sight of Inu Yasha, and she paused in her arduous task to ask, "What is it today?"

"Wind demon, I think," Inu Yasha replied.

"That would explain it. Ah," Kagome gasped as she toppled over. Inu Yasha caught her, saving her from the rug burn that would have most likely ensured. For a few seconds, all Kagome could do was stare into the hanyou's golden orbs, fully entranced.

"Uh, Kagome, the demon," Inu Yasha prompted, swallowing.

"Oh, right. Thanks for catching me."

"That's what I'm here for. Come on, let’s go see."

Inu Yasha led the way down the stairs to the bottom floor. Sango and Miroku weren’t there, so they headed out the front door and found the pair outside. Miroku was sitting on the porch steps, watching carefully. Sango was standing watch in the lawn, supporting a large boomerang.

The wind demon was leaning against a tree, a small fan waving casually in front of her mouth. She appeared very bored. Red eyes stared from behind the fan, and the crinkled as she caught sight of Inu Yasha and Kagome.

She stepped forward as the two came out of the house. “I am the Wind Sorceress Kagura. Naraku has sent me to fetch you two. A fight would be meaningless and best off avoided for you. Will you come quietly, or are you willing to risk your new companions’ lives?”

Inu Yasha immediately switched to fight mode. He crouched slightly, putting a hand on his katana. “What the hell are you talking about? You can’t possibly think we’d hand ourselves over just like that. Not after what we’ve been through. Offering that, you’re either weak or dumb.”

Kagura’s fan snapped shut. She smirked. “I didn’t expect you to take the offer. I was told to bring you alive. It just makes my job difficult.”

“Since you already know the answer, why don’t you come over here so I can kick your ass?”

“So vulgar. I don’t know why Naraku makes such a big deal about you.” Kagura snapped her fan open and waved it in Inu Yasha’s direction.

Inu Yasha felt the attack and snatched Kagome before jumping into the air. Miroku jumped away. The wind hit Sango and Miroku’s house, tearing it to pieces.

Sango shouted at Kagura, upset at having her house attacked, but the exact words couldn’t be heard over the falling rubble.

Inu Yasha landed next to Miroku, setting Kagome down. “Take care of her,” he ordered.

Another wind attack was sent in their direction, but Inu Yasha drew the Tetsusaiga and deflected it. He jumped away from his companions. Once he landed, he invoked the Kaze no Kizu.

Kagura was able to deflect most of the attack, but some of it still hit her. A dust cloud arose from the force. A large feather rose in the air, supporting the wind demon.

“Hey! Get back here! I’m not through with you!” Inu Yasha shouted, running to stand under the feather.

“I’m done for now,” Kagura snapped back before disappearing in the wind.

“Coward wench!”

“Inu Yasha!” Kagome scolded.

Inu Yasha turned and trotted over to Kagome, smiling. He looked like a proud puppy that had just done a good deed. “What?”

“Watch how you talk about women.”

“Fine, fine.”

“Well, you guys are staying now,” Sango decided.

“Why? I thought you were fine with us staying.”

“I was. But now you have to help us rebuild our house. You break it, you fix it.”

Inu Yasha shrank away from Sango’s rage.

“Uh, Sango dear,” Miroku ventured.

“What?” Sango turned to Miroku, who threw his hands up in the “I surrender” gesture.

“Shouldn’t we find out how much we need to fix first?”

For some odd reason, this seemed to calm her down. “You’re right. Let’s see what we can salvage.”


“You failed, Kagura,” Naraku left no room for debate. Still, the Wind Sorceress was willing to try.

“I couldn’t find them,” Kagura replied. She turned and started walking down the hall.

Naraku slammed her into the wall and held her up by her throat. “You found them. You fought them. Are you trying to be like that damned wolf? I would advise against that. Are you going to tell me?”

“Yes. I’ll tell you.”

Naraku let go. Kagura slid to sitting position on the floor, gasping for breath.

“Now, tell me Kagura. Where are they?”

Kagura stood. “They joined up with a couple that are against us. Apparently, they were taken in. Sango and Miroku. Sango used to work for us, exterminating demons that went rouge. Miroku is the son of a man we put a curse on. I can find the house again.”

“Good. Very good. We can kill two birds with one stone this way.”

“Yes, Naraku-sama,” Kagura agreed quietly.

“I want you to plot that place on the map. We will need to make some more arrangements before we attack.”

“You mean, we’re going to lay siege?”

“Pretty much. We can’t risk any more. Now, go.”

Kagura nodded. “Yes, Naraku-sama.” Kagura bowed before walking down the hall.


Sesshomaru woke from his light sleep. He had heard voices from outside. The demon growled quietly.

The voices grew louder. A loud thud resounded in the room. Sesshomaru recognized the voices of Naraku and Kagura. He couldn’t stand either of them. It sounded as if they were arguing. Sesshomaru rolled his eyes.

A pair of retreating footsteps. Good. They had either resolved their little argument or decided to take it elsewhere.

It was time to act.

Sesshomaru sent a message across the link he shared with Rin.

In minutes, he heard Rin talking to someone. “Naraku-sama wanted to see us. You’d better hurry. You know how he gets.”

The lock to the door clicked. Sesshomaru stood and was by the door before it opened.

“Wait. We’d be told if Naraku-sama wanted to see someone,” a second guard realized.

Sesshomaru pulled the door open. In a flash, he and Rin were walking down the hallway. Behind them, the two guards fell to the floor.

They had walked a little ways when Sesshomaru stopped. Rin followed once she realized he had. “What’s wrong?”

“I’ll be right back,” was all the explanation he gave. Sesshomaru opened the door, breaking the lock. He could see something in the center of the room. As his eyes readjusted, he picked out the distinct humanoid form. It looked as if it were wrapped up.

“Wolf, you are connected to Kagome, correct.”

“What’s it to you? Look, I’m not telling you where she is. How many damn times do I have to tell you?”

“Kagome has unofficially declared war on this company. Or, that’s what Naraku believes. I think she might need a little bit of help. The end draws near. You can do what you please.” Saying so, Sesshomaru cut the restricting cloth with his claws. Done with his task, he turned silently and walked out of the room.

Kouga waited a moment, working the feeling back into his limbs. Bracing himself against the pain, he stood and limped after the silver haired demon.


The occupants of the destroyed house were settled in among the ruins. Kagome, Inu Yasha and Shippou were sitting around a small fire, conversing in quiet tones. Miroku and Sango were still working on picking up random things that were still intact.

"Kagome," Inu Yasha whispered. "I'm curious. How did you get caught up in Youkaibo's business?"

Kagome looked away. She hated her reasons.

"Come on Kagome," the little kit pleaded. "I want to hear this story. Tell it! Please!"

"You won't like me for it."

Inu Yasha decided, "I don't care what happened. I only want to know more about you. That’s why I asked."

Kagome was glad that the night hid her blush. "It's not really right to tell you. It happened before you were…born, really."

"Since when did you do everything that was right?" Inu Yasha quipped.

Kagome glared slightly. "Fine, if you want to know, I'll tell you. I read about the fall of the demons in my history class. It was really interesting, so I looked into it more. I found out that all of the demons were killed by humans in a big war a long time ago. Then, Kaede-basan told me about Youkaibo, and how they were bringing demons back to life. Since it fit into what I was interested in, I signed up to help out. I didn’t know much, I just worked the library. Then, Shippou came and...I realized how horrible it was. And now…I’m here. That’s pretty lame, huh?"

"So they're probably getting all of that DNA from the battle site..." Sango muttered.

The three who started the conversation froze. They hadn't realized that Sango had been listening in.

"Did you know, humans get reincarnated?" Miroku asked, walking up. "Well, most of us do. That’s what people during the demons’ time believed. I’ve heard that those in Youkaibo have a natural familiarity with demon kind, so they are employed there in hopes that they will awaken demons. That is what I have heard. Maybe it all has to do with reincarnation. If that’s the case, I wonder what Kagome-sama might have been..."

That was best taken as a stupid joke and therefore given little thought.




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