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A Single Strand - Chapter 6 - Meetings and Plans

Kagome woke up, wondering what had happened. Then, her memories flooded back with certain clarity. "Inu Yasha!" she shouted.

The hanyou stepped into view as she sat up. Her head spun slightly, almost making it seem like there were several Inu Yasha-s. She liked that idea, but knew that thought would be more appealing later. Right now she had a bone to pick with him.

"What is it, dearest?" he asked sweetly.

"Don't start that! How dare you pull that shit with me! If it went any further, you could have raped me!"

"What's rape?" Inu Yasha asked innocently.

Kagome rolled her eyes. "You know...Having sex involuntarily."

"What's sex?"

"You don't know? Oh, god, I can't explain it right now! I feel sick, go away."

"Sick isn't a good thing, is it?"

"Oh, I don't know," Kagome said, sarcasm dripping in her voice. She slipped her shoe off and threw it at the silver haired hanyou. "Get."

Inu Yasha disappeared around a screen, only to find Shippou laughing at him. "What's so funny, kit?"

"You asked the question."

"Yeah, so?"

"You got the same answer I did."


"Where are they?" Kagura shouted.

"I said I couldn't find them," the wolf demon replied. He apparently found the darkness in the corner of the room very intriguing, as he kept his sight focused there. Kouga didn't know why, but he didn't want to rat Kagome’s location out. He wanted her with him on her own free will, instead of being forced to by the damned company.

"You know where they are! Tell me!"

"Damn you!"

The sorceress pulled her hand back, about to strike. A cold voice cut into the air, stopping her.

"Enough!" Naraku walked into the room. Kagura's hand snapped to her side and she bowed, backing up slightly as Naraku strode farther into the room. The evil man hooked a finger under the wolf demon's chin forcing their eyes to connect. "I think you know where they are, wolf. Tell me now," Naraku ordered calmly.

"I don't know,” the wolf demon replied casually this time. Kouga looked away as best he could. He knew he'd start shouting again if he made eye contact.

"You know it would be easier if you told me. We have...ways of making you talk."

Kouga smiled slightly. "Maybe I do know. Perhaps I did come across Inu Yasha and their merry little band. I don't remember things too well."

"We certainly can help you with that."

"I'll tell you then, I do know. They're probably long gone, but I still wont tell you where I saw them. This whole company can go to hell!" Kouga snapped. The ideas echoed throughout the room.

Kouga had dug his hole deep enough to get Naraku personally involved. What difference would a couple more feet make?

"Very well. Kagura, lead this rebellious demon to the room."

"The room?" Kagura asked.

"Yes, the experiment lab. We will test how long the wolf demon's will can hold out," chuckling, Naraku turned to leave the room.

"Yes, Naraku-sama," Kagura bowed her master out of the room. She could feel Kouga glaring at her once again. "Don't look at me like you've been thrown to the wolves. You could have spared your own life by telling us what we wanted to know. "

Little did either of the demons know, Naraku had stopped just outside the door. "Don't worry, Kagura. There are more pressing matters that you need to focus on. You will be next to fight Inu Yasha once we discover his hiding place." That was the last comment he had, so Naraku finally left.

Kouga had walked up behind Kagura, but that didn't phase the wind sorceress one bit. She smacked the wolf demon in the chest with her fan. "Come on wolf."

As he followed Kagura, Kouga thought, I won't tell them anything. I may not be able to protect Kagome during a fight, but if I can save her through my suffering, so be it.

And he was true to his words. The whole of his night was spent pinned to a table in the experiment lab, his screams filling the air.


Kagome awoke to hear Inu Yasha talking loudly. She had slept the whole day. Her fever was gone, so she felt better. But at the rate things were going, she thought she'd get a migraine by the end of an hour.

Kagome walked around the screen that had apparently been erected when they had gotten there, yawning as she stretched an arm above her head.

"Mornin' Sunshine!" Inu Yasha called cheerfully as Kagome walked into the room.

"What's with you?" she asked. He'd never acted like that. It was too cheerful, almost like he had been taking lessons from Shippou.

"I was just telling these two people about how our...our car ran out of oil..."

"Gas," Kagome cut in automatically.

"Right, gas...And my wife, that's you, got sick…so we went to the closest shelter we could find, which is here."

Kagome examined the other two closely. The woman wore a pink blouse over a green skirt. Her hair was a really dark color, and her eyes seemed alert. She was holding hands with the man beside her, who wore the garbs of a priest. He also had dark hair. His puppy brown eyes looked at Kagome and Inu Yasha curiously, but respectfully.

The woman smiled. "What makes your story so farfetched is that you came over ten miles from anything even remotely called a road, your so-called wife only looks sixteen, and she's traveling with a half demon who isn't marked by Youkaibo, and a little full blooded kitsune who is," she pointed out.

"Inu Yasha!" Kagome hissed.


"If they practically know... Wait, how long have they been here?"

"They found out we were here yesterday afternoon. You can thank Shippou for that."

"All right then, before I say anything else, what do you two think of Youkaibo?"

"Hate it!" both of their hosts said at once, not at all phased by the strangeness of the question.

"Ok, well, the truth is, they're both my experiments. Shippou was my first and I woke Inu Yasha just a week ago. I didn't want to go through the hell again, especially since Inu Yasha is half-and-half, which I can still barely believe and can’t comprehend, so we ran away. We got attacked a couple times, but we handled it. Now, we're here," Kagome summed up quickly.

"Inu Yasha, Shippou, and...?" the elder woman trailed off, hinting that she didn’t know the name of the younger girl.

"Oh, Kagome."

"Kagome. Well, I'm Sango and this is my husband, Miroku. We know what Youkaibo does. We don’t like it, so we are trying to stop it."

Kagome smiled. "Let's take it down then. The whole company. The whole building. Brick by brick if we have to."

"Not so fast, Kagome. You were sick yesterday. I don't think you should try to take down a building," Inu Yasha cut into the plans. He sounded every part of a concerned boy friend.

"I'm all better now, Inu-chan. But, I'd like to stay here if it's all right with you two."

"Youkaibo climbing at our door steps. I love it," Miroku stated.


Sesshomaru sat in the center of the darkened room. His wound had been taken care of, and he was now condemned to rest. He had become restless because of that, so he tried distracting himself by thinking of the past. Sesshomaru didn't know exactly how he knew, but the youkai understood his mistress' past better than she did.

Rin had been born into poor family, but they had gotten by. There was a problem: the girl's mental and physical growth was stunted by a strange disease. Not knowing what else they could do, her parents waited for three years. Youkaibo came out into the open at that time, with researchers in DNA and the like. Rin's parents made a deal with the company, making Rin a guinea pig for her disease. After a year, Youkaibo succeeded.

Rin had been forced to stay at the lab after the experiment was complete. She hadn’t been told, but her parents had died in a house fire. So, she had grown up a hindrance to the Youkaibo employees.

At the age of nineteen, Sesshomaru entered the picture. After so long in the darkness, Rin had become a beam of light to the demon. As soon as he had awakened, Rin had known. She had sat under the glass confines until a scientist noticed. Then, their life became hell.

The 'tradition' of sharing of blood, the brands, the experiments... Sesshomaru shivered at the thought.

The lock clicked from behind him and the door opened. Foot steps where heard before the door was shut.

The demon knew without looking that the still child like girl was behind him.

"Sesshomaru-kun?" Rin asked. She took a couple of steps into the room.

"Mistress," Sesshomaru replied.

"Your heart cries. The tears don't reach your eyes, but your heart cries. It called to me." She had walked so she stood at his back.

"I don't cry, Mistress."

Two droplets of water splashed onto the concrete, audible only to the ears of the demon. Rin wrapped her arms around Sesshomaru’s neck, burying her face in his silver hair. "Let's drop the formalities. Please?"

"As you wish." He reached his right arm across his chest, resting it on the girl's arm. So cute, the naďve little human girl.

"It's been about a year," Rin whispered.

"Yes," Sesshomaru whispered back. A couple tears trailed down his stripped cheeks. She was his only weakness. Only in front of her would he drop all sense of pride, and cry, if only just a little.

"I don't like it, Sesshomaru. I don't like the killing, the pain. I don't like what they do here. It ruined my past."

The demon seemed to snuggle deeper into the embrace. "Are you saying that you regret awakening me?"

"I don't like what they did to us, but I will never regret meeting you. They ruined my past, not my future."

"I don't like what they did, either. But...I do like this. How we are this very moment."

They stayed close together for several minutes until the lights turned on. Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed, adjusting to the light, as he pulled away. The demon whipped at his face as he stood.

The door opened, allowing Naraku's pet, the wind sorceress Kagura into the room. With her, she brought a long parcel.

"What do you want?" Sesshomaru asked, easily slipping back into the cold demeanor the rest of the world saw.

"Personally, I want out. But Naraku-sama won’t have that, nor will he know until it's too late. But that's not why I'm here. Naraku-sama barely tolerated your failure the last time. This," she tossed the parcel to the other demon, who caught it, "will prevent another, so he says. He also said 'master it during the next few days, then, you will face off against Inu Yasha again.' And that is all. Take care, Lord Sesshomaru."

With that, the female left. The lights flicked off as the door shut.

Something snapped and metal clattered to the floor. "Worthless blade, that Tokojin. They found a worthless apprentice to Totosai."

Rin ignored the comment. She tugged on her demon's sleeve "Sesshomaru, she called you Lord. Why?"

Sesshomaru knelt as his mistress had silently ordered. "It may have something to do with my rank in my previous life. Some of us still believe in that.”

"He wants you to fight again. Already. I don't like it."

Sesshomaru was silent for a minute. "I'm somewhat jealous. My other half, Inu Yasha, is free. His mistress didn't let him go through the pain, and even now tries to shield him from it. I envy him for that."

"Sesshomaru," Rin choked out, unable to go any further.

"No, I still don't regret having you as my mistress. You still try to shield me, but when we are here, it's impossible. We are attacked from all angles."

"No more, Sesshomaru. We wont take it any more. We will leave. You and I, we'll leave."

"Yes, Mistress." Sesshomaru smiled slightly. He could feel his mistress' slight glare at the title. He corrected, "Yes Rin. But we should wait. The proper time shall come soon. There is another connected to Kagome, and I think he might help. He’s not ready yet."

The winds of change were blowing. Sesshomaru felt them, and was silently preparing for a fight to keep them going.




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