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A Single Strand - Chapter 3 - Demons in the Rain

It had started raining. The clouds had snuck up on them, and now, it was raining. With no desire to stay out in the drastic change in weather, they had to stop under a tree to wait it out.

Kagome shivered slightly. Obviously, she hadn't expected the flash flood of the rain, as she had dressed for summer.

Inu Yasha noticed and sat behind her. Instinctively, he pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her. "You're cold, Kagome?"

Kagome blushed. This was the first time she had ever been really close to a guy, but it felt really good. "Thanks. But what about you? You're only dressed a little warmer than me."

"Demons don't get cold."

Kagome smiled and snuggled closer to Inu Yasha. She felt so warm and happy. "Do they get warm?"

Inu Yasha was silent a moment, thinking. "Yes," he answered because he felt the warmth right then.

Unfortunately, their happiness was short lived.

"So, you're the hanyou, Inu Yasha. Pathetic," a woman walked into the clearing. Her short black hair was kept out of her face by a red hair band. She wore a short v-cut top that was slightly revealing and short shorts.

Kagome looked from Inu Yasha to the demon. "Hanyou?" she asked.

Inu Yasha stood and glared angrily at the female with golden eyes taking on a hue more like amber.

"Oh, you didn't know? I figured you would, since you were the one to wake only half a demon. But..." she trailed off momentarily. "I'll kill you any way. I’m supposed to, you know."

The demon held out a hand and something string like shot out at Kagome. Inu Yasha lunged, knocking the startled girl out of the way. The strands cut into the flesh of the hanyou's upper arm. Inu Yasha’s eyes widened with pain and he started growling as he turned to face the demon before charging.

"Angry now, are we? That wont work," the female demon mocked.

She sent more strands at the hanyou, who promptly dropped to a crouch while still running forward. The demon kept sending more strands at Inu Yasha and he kept dodging them.

Once he got close enough, his claws racked across the female's front. A second slash followed before the demon collapsed to the ground in a dead bloody heap.

The rain started mixing with the blood, diluting it to a slight blackish-pink before it seemed to disappear.

Inu Yasha stood behind the mass, the rain forming miniscule rivers down his downcast face. Blood dripped from his claws, mixing with the water.

"Inu Yasha?" Kagome asked tentatively. Shippou was hiding behind her back as she approached the hanyou.

"Kagome, I'm sorry," Inu Yasha whispered without looking up.


"I...I killed her. I can tell you don't want things to die. You don't want things to hurt. That's why we're here."

"Inu Yasha." The force she used startled him into looking up at her. "You are right. But she tried to kill us first. She was trying to get us back in a cage. Don't worry about killing. Now, come here. You're bleeding."

Inu Yasha looked down at his arm. "You're right."


"Naraku-sama," the demon walked into the room without knocking. Her out rage at what had happened made her forget her manners.

"It didn't work, did it Kagura?" Naraku asked, chuckling slightly.

"Yura failed. The hanyou acted as if he's had years of training here. In the war zone practically."

"Kagura, what did you expect? Judging by the way his other half turned out, what more could he be capable of?"

"Naraku-sama?" Kagura asked. She was slightly confused at Naraku’s reaction.

"There will be several ways to corner this dog. Send more demons if you want. We have plenty to loose."

"Yes, Naraku-sama. Should I try to see if his other half will go?"

"We have plenty to loose. I do not care which ones you use."

"Yes, Naraku-sama." Bowing, Kagura left the room.


Inu Yasha stood strait up, ears perking up as well. "Kagome, I feel something. It calls me. It feels like a heart beat."

"What is it?" Kagome asked. She had finally finished calming both charges down and bandaging the hanyou's wound.

"I don't know. But…it calls me."

"Let's go check it out. It’s not like we have anything else to do."

Kagome wanted to know what it was. Since the rain had stopped, they could go check it out.

"Hop on," Inu Yasha gestured to his back. Just like a trained puppy, he knew what set of his master, and wanted to do his best to please her. Seeing as Kagome had already decided she didn't want him to carry her in his arms, but they moved to slow walking, and he needed to carry her so they went faster.

Blushing slightly, Kagome hung on to the hanyou's neck. Inu Yasha supported her so she wouldn't fall. Shippou had barely enough time to snuggle in between the two before they were moving.

The feeling led Inu Yasha to a different town's miniscule park. It was lush with plants that were soaking up the rainwater.

An old man was lying facedown in the short trimmed grass. Inu Yasha landed away from him and let Kagome down. Kagome gasped. The hanyou then walked over and knelt by the man.

"Hey, you gonna be alright?"

"You heard the call?" the old man asked faintly.

"Call? Yes, I heard it. I felt it. What is it? Did you send it out?”

"You're the hanyou, aren't you? Yes. I see. It makes sense. Here, take this. It's originally intended for you, I believe." The man pushed a long wrapped parcel into Inu Yasha's hand. "The katana Tetsusaiga, forged by myself, Totosai, belongs to you now young man."

With that, the man calling himself Totosai died.

Kagome walked to Inu Yasha's side, Shippou on her shoulders. "What was that all about?" she asked. The man had been talking in a tone that only Inu Yasha could hear.

"He gave me this," he showed the parcel to her, "and died."

"If he's dead, then we have to go. The police might come and think we killed him. Then, they'll turn us in to Youkaibo."

Inu Yasha didn't know what a 'police' was, but he didn't want to go to the laboratory. He settled the man to rest peacefully. Kagome stepped forward and latched on like she had been before and Inu Yasha started running again.


"Sesshomaru-kun," a young woman exclaimed. "It's so wonderful to be out isn't it?" The girl speaking was small and childlike in both attitude and appearance. She was wearing a casual, cotton kimono with a golden koi embroidered on the back. In reality, she was actually twenty.

"Yes, Rin-dono," the man on her left replied. His face remained ever passive in a cold way, softened only by his mistress. Sesshomaru wore a long sleeved silver shirt and matching jeans that were extremely baggy and held up by a contrasting black belt with a glimmering silver crescent moon buckle.

But it wasn't his passive, threatening look that made him unique. He had pointed ears -as most demons do- and odd magenta markings on his cheeks. A marking similar to his belt buckle was engraved on his forehead, visible between bangs of silver.

People were giving the pair a strange look, but they couldn’t do anything about it. They were afraid once they caught sight of the katana hanging at the demon’s side. Katana were never seen on the streets, let alone demons.

"Aw, Sesshomaru-kun, why is everyone leaving us?" Rin asked.

"They are unsure how to act around the unknown. So, they shrink back."

"I don't look scary."

Sesshomaru had to hold back a sigh. She was so naive. "No, but I am to them. Because my kind are not seen around like this, they stay away." His voice became heated with a tinge of anger. "And we have Naraku to thank for that."

"Aw, he's not so bad. He let's us stay and now we're looking for you're brother."

"That hanyou is not my brother. We mealy share a half of a strand of DNA."

"So, how does that work again?"

"Our DNA was split and forced apart while beginning to replicate. His half was forced to pair with human DNA bases, while mine paired with demon. It's quite difficult to explain." In truth, he didn't even know the full jist of it.

Suddenly, Sesshomaru stopped. Rin realized when she was a couple steps ahead and walked back to stand next to her demon.

"What's wrong Sesshomaru-kun?" she asked.

"He's near by." Without explaining further, Sesshomaru picked Rin up and, if the human by-standers were to be asked, he disappeared.




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