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A Single Strand - Chapter 2 - Shopping on the Run

"Naraku-sama," a female's voice called form behind a closed door.

The called man turned an odd, purple hued gaze to the woman as she entered the room. His secretary wore a traditional kimono in an odd colored pattern. Pearl earrings dangled from the lobes of pointed ears, proving her a demon.

"What is it, Kagura?" the man asked, his cold voice chilling her. She didn't show it though. The man wore a purple tuxedo and black slacks.

"It's one of the experiments. The hanyou one to be exact. That Kikyou woman saw him escape from the building after he broke out of the lab."

"Which lab?" he hadn't known the experiment was awake yet. Some one was going to be fired for that.

"Their home lab. Demons don’t break out of any other ones."

"Ah, I thought so. Details on his escape?"

"It appears that he broke the glass when he awoke. Caused quite a stir among the scientists. Then he took off with his awakener in tow. They said it appeared to be her plan."

"His awakener? Who, pray tell, is that?"

"A little human girl. Her name is Kagome. She worked in the library as an assistant and awoke a small kit a year back," Kagura reported the snippet from the file she had found just before making her report. Receiving no reply to that, she asked, "Naraku-sama, what should we do?"

"Send some demons after them with orders not to kill either the hanyou or the girl. I have a few ideas about which ones to send, but you may choose the first. We’ll have to see what they can do." After giving that order, he swiveled the chair around.

Knowing that was all she was going to get, Kagura bowed. "Yes, Naraku-sama. I will see to it right away."

She backed out of the room, still in the bowing position. After she left, Kagura sat at her desk and turned to her computer. She began typing furiously at the keyboard.

Naraku looked out the window that was overlooking the city. "Kagome, then. What a mysterious girl," he muttered lustfully, tapping his fingers together thoughtfully.


Kagome opened her eyes, yawning and stretching. She screamed in surprise when she found two golden orbs staring at her.

Inu Yasha stood up. "Keh, finally up?"

Kagome looked up at him. The boy looked like an angel, clad in white from head to toe with silver hair. All he needed were wings and where the dog-ears were, a halo...wait, dog-ears? she asked herself. Kagome clambered to a standing position and walked over to Inu Yasha. He was a foot taller than her, so she had to reach up to stroke his ears.

Inu Yasha leaned into her touch. Kagome squealed with delight upon discovering that they were real.

"Ok, that was loud. Haven’t your ever seen a demon before?" Inu Yasha asked, slightly agitated that she had stopped.

"Not one with ears like yours. They're so cute!" She had been distracted, but realized that she didn't know where they were. She looked around, confused. The building was small, cluttered and dark. She had been sleeping on an old bed in a corner.

Inu Yasha smirked. "You fell asleep. Almost fell out of the tree while you were at it. I found this place and brought you here."


"I need to protect the person who awakened me."

That was why, she realized. That was why they both knew each other’s names, and why they were out in the first place.

A scratching sound came from the door and Kagome went to open it. A ball of fur hoped into her arms.

"Kagome, he's so mean!" Shippou cried.

Kagome gave Inu Yasha a deadpan look. The demon stared back blankly. "He's one of yours?" the dog-eared demon asked.

"Yes, he's my first, so you had no right to treat him like that."

"That's right. And, since I was her first, and you were her second, that means you’re younger than me and have to call me big brother," Shippou said proudly.

"I ain't callin’ you anything, shrimp."

"Inu Yasha, be nice," Kagome scolded.

"Why? He can’t hurt me."

"Can so. I can protect Kagome, too."

"Have you ever been in a fight to test that?"

"Kagome's still here isn't she?"

Inu Yasha was about to respond, but out side, a door shut. A man's voice grew louder, complaining about having to clean the garage out.

"Garage?" Inu Yasha asked.

"We need to get out of here. He'll find us!"

"You got it." Inu Yasha scooped Kagome up and bolted out the door. He jumped onto the roof of the 'garage' and into a tree. The man's shouts followed them.

Inu Yasha jumped from a couple trees, occasionally leaping onto the ground when he couldn't make it to the next. Kagome realized they were in the large park, and that the man was probably the landlord. Finally, he stopped and set Kagome down.

"Inu Yasha, don't you ever carry me like that again!" Kagome shouted.

Shippou was clinging to her sleeves with a death grip. He wasn't used to going that fast, and didn't like it.

"Why not?" the demon wondered aloud.

"Because it's embarrassing!"

"Who's there to be embarrassed for?"

"Just don't do it again."

“Fine.” Inu Yasha shut up after that, and sat on the ground. Kagome leaned against a tree, looking at the city. Her arms were folded across her chest.

She risked a glance at the dog demon, and laughed. The way he was sitting was really like a dog.

“What are you laughing at?” Inu Yasha snapped.

"Nothing. Look, we're probably going to be tracked. It might be a good idea if we got new clothes. So, Inu Yasha, Shippou, we're going shopping!" Kagome exclaimed brightly, turning to her demons.

Shippou cheered while Inu Yasha gave her another blank stare. "Shopping?"


"What's shopping?"

"You'll see dog boy, you'll see."


Kagome had to figure out a way to hide Inu Yasha's ears before they could leave. It would stir too much attention, making it easier for Youkaibo to find them. Kagome had nothing else, so she had to tease Inu Yasha’s hair, but she only did it enough so that his ears didn't show.

They had to wrap Shippou up in a blanket to hide his tail. Kagome told him that he had to stop squirming so much, so his hair would hide his pointed ears.

Then, they walked through the city. After making a quick stop at the bank, they hit up the mall. Kagome saw that Inu Yasha's ears were pressed against his head and laughed. He snapped at her before complaining about the loud sounds.

At the first store, they bought everything. Inu Yasha found a pair of loose cargos and a plain white t-shirt. Kagome found a hat that was red and gold with "49ers" printed on it. All three of them were clueless as to what the 49ers were, but the hat matched Inu Yasha perfectly, as Kagome said. She couldn't get him to wear shoes.

Kagome picked out a knee-length pleated green skirt and a nice white blouse. She also got a pair of 'normal' shoes. Couldn't go around wearing high heels, could you. She laughed, saying she felt like a school girl.

Shippou was too distracted to pay attention to what they were doing, so Kagome got him a shirt with an airplane on it. Inu Yasha had almost asked what an air plane was, but Kagome had shushed him before he could attract any attention. To go with the shirt was a simple pair of elastic waisted jeans without pockets.

Kagome decided it was a good idea to save whatever money she had, so she charged the apparel.

Over the course of their shopping trip, there were people always talking about how cute of a couple Inu Yasha and Kagome made. She was a little young to have children, but their son was adorable!

Kagome denied it immediately. Blushing, she explained that her cousins were visiting and she wanted to show them around the mall. Most people apologized quickly and were off. After hearing they were cousins, one guy had tried to hit on her, but Inu Yasha growled and scared him off. (Hojo!)

After the mall, Kagome decided she was hungry. As a treat, she led Inu Yasha and Shippou to Mc Donald’s. (A/N: Which I don't own...) For once, Inu Yasha didn't ask questions when he got his cheeseburger, and ate it rather fast. Onlookers stared and said she needed to feed him better. Kagome laughed. In the context, she found the meaning to be a little deeper. She should feed her dog better.

Once food was done, Kagome used some of her money to take a sub way to the edge of town. After that, they were on their own, beginning their journey away form Youkaibo.




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