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Author Notes

Ok, I decided I wasnít going to use the Japanese words for demon and all of that lovely stuff. Words I do use are

Kit- short for Kitsune Ė the Japanese word for fox. It just makes Shippou sound cuter.

Hanyou- Half demon thus- Inu Yasha

And thatís about it for the words right now.

On another note, I thought I was being incredibly creative for the name of the place. Youkaibo. Hehehe, yeah. Youkai is the Yu Yu Hakusho version for demon. Bo was added on just because it made it sound like a company that way. SoÖhahaha. Iím pathetic.

A little more: This is one of the weird stories that I actually made up. I didnít dream it up. SoÖitís a little different from some of my other ones. I hope you all like it anyway.

ok, Iím done now.


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