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A Single Strand - Chapter 11 - Hanyou Galore

It was two weeks before any sign of an attack was seen. One of the patrol demons had spotted the attack from the direction they had all come, passed on the information to Kagura, who, in turn, passed it on to Kagome.

“We’re being attacked,” Kagura stated bluntly as Kagome arrived.

“Really? How many?” Kagome asked, calmer than she had thought she would be in the face of such danger.

“A small army, I would say. I took a look for myself, just to make sure. It would appear Naraku has decided to throw away the lives of the hanyou accidents.”

Kagome looked to Inu Yasha, who had been smirking up to that point. Inu Yasha noticed Kagome’s glance and muttered, “If they attack, I’ll fight. I don’t care who it is.”

“But, they’re like you.”

“I’ll fight if they attack. They could be humans for all I care. Or aliens.”

“Well, that’s promising,” Kagome laughed.

In hours, Kagome had Sango, Miroku, Inu Yasha, Sesshomaru, Kagura, a mostly recovered Kouga, and a good number of demons who had broken off from Youkaibo, all gathered a decent way from the forest. Rin had been left behind, pouting with Shippou. There was a cloud of dust on the horizon, steadily growing larger.

It was a long time before Kagome could see anything clearly. It really did look like an army, with several larger demons (half demons, Inu Yasha corrected) that looked like tanks, smaller foot soldiers, and a rim that seemed to keep everything inside together.

The small force gained ground quickly, but did not reach Kagome’s group before nightfall. The night was spent outside, and upon daybreak the next day, the Youkaibo group was almost upon them.

The biggest surprise came when the army had arrived within attacking range. The larger hanyou broke off and started attacking the full-blooded demons and humans on the outside. The others in the center also converged and did the same.

Some of the guards fled on the spot, followed by a trail of hanyou that refused to let them get far. Some decided to attack their fellows, joining in the bloodshed with the hanyou. The rest stood their ground and were quickly eliminated.

With the idea of bloodshed, some of the group Kagome had brought bolted forward and joined the fray. Kouga looked ready to join in, but Kagome stopped him.

Shortly after the battle began, two figures stepped forward. Inu Yasha and Kouga stood protectively in front of Kagome, growling.

One of the figures was easily twice the size of a normal human, despite the fact that he was hunching over. Large arms hung down to the ground, his fingers almost brushing the earth. Just like his legs, they looked only strong enough to support him. He had a long, horseish appearance around his nose area. The rest of his face was taken up by large eyes that were different hues of blue all the way through. The top of his head was the same color as the rest of him, a strange mottled orangeish pinkish tan. At the nape of his neck was a small black attempted-pony tail.

Beside him walked a young girl, walking calmly despite the commotion around her. The girl seemed insignificant next to the large form of her companion. She had long, silver hair and tan skin. Her eyes were an odd light purple color. Kagome was reminded of stories she had read about vampires.

“We would like to speak with the one called Kagome,” the girl stated, looking at the group that had held back.

“What do you think you are doing, Shiori?” Kagura demanded.

“I am not speaking to you, Kagura. I wish to speak with Kagome.”

“Abomination,” Kagura hissed, earning a sharp glare and a growl from Kouga.

“That’s me,” Kagome stepped forward, worming between her two body guards.

The two hanyou bowed before her. Shiori continued to speak, “We have come far in the past days. Before, we never saw the light of day. Because of what we are, not by choice, but because of complications that preceded us, we were caged deep in the heart of the company. Those of us you see before you were born because of a union between the humans and their awakened demons. With the small amount of blood they were transfused with, they became mad with the desire to mate. Thus, we became what we are.

“We are no different from you. We feel. We think. We bleed. We desired freedom Youkaibo did not wish to give us. We wanted to know what the sun was. Now, we have seen the sun, and we have been set loose. Naraku’s orders were to crush Kagome and her allies, but we do not wish to do so. Kagome has done us no harm. Kagome protected an artificial version of what we are. Naraku has done nothing for us. He possesses the idea that we are insignificant. He treated us badly, like criminals.

“So, if Kagome will have us, we will fight on your side. We can prove that we are not insignificant, that there is no shame in being half human and half demon. We are grateful, Kagome, that you have enabled us freedom. Please, let us repay you.”

Kagome stood, appalled. The fight continued on, though it hardly seemed like a fight. It was more of a slaughter for the unfortunate supporters of Youkaibo.

Inu Yasha cleared his throat and nudged Kagome in the back. “Say something.”

“Well, I guess we’ll be glad to have you with us. Thank you.”

“Again, Kagome, it is we who are to be thanking you.”


“Naraku-sama, a field man is here to report on the results of the battle between our hanyou force and Kagome’s force,” the cold demon stated dully, walking out of the room at her master’s nod.

A man walked slowly into the room. His face was splattered with blood and his clothes were ripped. He favored his right arm and looked about ready to pass out.

“Your report,” Naraku ordered quietly, apparently oblivious of the condition his employee was in.

“We got there perfectly fine. However, the hanyou rebelled and have joined the enemy. There is only a handful of human survivors, and we are in no condition to go out again. All of the demons that went with were whipped out. I think this counts as a loss, sir.”

“Damn it,” Naraku hissed, fist slamming into the table. “Kanna!”

The pale demon glided into the room. “Yes, Naraku-sama?”

“Fetch Kikyou for me. Give the order that she is to move out with the demons prepared for war.”

“Yes, Naraku-sama.” Kanna bowed and left the room.

“Sir…” the soldier brought Naraku’s attention upon himself. “May I leave now?”

With a snarl, Naraku held out his hand. No one angered Naraku and lived to tell about it. That Kagome was a special case, but her time was slowly running out. His fury was so strong that he didn’t hear the scream of pain before the soldier died.


The new hanyou had very little information left after the initial conversation. Kagome had been curious and asked Shiori, one of the few that actually talked to her, about the possibility of the oncoming war.

“Naraku was thinking about it, I am sure. I’m also sure that, because of our so-called rebellion, Naraku will be hard pressed to match our numbers. If he wants anything to be done now, he will have to deploy all of the demons in his arsenal.”

“So you think…” Kagome stopped, trying to phrase the question properly.

“War is eminent. It will definitely come down to a battle.”

“All right. Thanks.”

The bat hanyou walked back to where her large body guard was standing and the pair continued away.

Inu Yasha plodded silently to where Kagome was standing. He wrapped his arms around his mate. Kagome sighed, melting into her demon’s embrace.

“What’s wrong Kagome?” Inu Yasha asked, concerned.

“There’s just so much going on. I was so…” Kagome stopped. She had been terrified that the hanyou were attacking. She had never faced true combat before, and if the hanyou hadn’t turned against the rest of the assailants, she doubted that she would be standing in Inu Yasha’s arms at the time. She really didn’t want to admit that though.

“It’ll be alright, Kagome. You need a break from this. Come on, let’s go back to the house.”

Inu Yasha picked Kagome up and quickly arrived at Sango and Miroku’s house. The couple had already returned, but Kagome felt obligated to watch over the hanyou as they settled.

Sango greeted Kagome and Inu Yasha as they walked in the door. She hurried into the kitchen and started preparing sandwiches. Inu Yasha and Kagome settled at the table while their hostess finished. After she was done, she joined them at the table.

“There’s so many of them now,” Sango commented. “They can’t possibly all fit in the forest. Everyone will know where we are. It’s not good.”

“I talked to the girl again. She said that Naraku was pretty much most definitely preparing for war against us,” Kagome mumbled.

Sango chuckled. “There used to be a time where I waited for a chance like this. I never thought it would be possible, seeing as it was just Miroku and I, plus an occasional, five-second supporter here and there. But now…it’s really possible. We are going to destroy Youkaibo.”

Kagome laughed quietly. “You really think we can do this?”

“Well, before I wasn’t so sure, but now with the added force of the hanyou, I think we can.”

“You sound so confident.”

“Well, I am. I had training in Youkaibo, and I picked up enough outside. I think that these demons and hanyou have been yearning to stretch their claws against it. We will win.”

“Yeah, well…”

“I don’t think we should stay here,” Inu Yasha cut into the conversation. His voice was quiet, but Sango and Kagome immediately turned their attention to him.

“What do you mean?” Kagome asked gently.

“Now that we’re out in the open, any one else in this area will get involved. There’re too many humans around to easily avoid outside casualties. I think we should move to a better location.”

“I see you’re point,” Miroku agreed, walking into the room. He gave Sango a quick kiss before settling down at the table as well.

“We need to find an area where we won’t easily be seen. An open area that could encompass all of us,” Sango started laying out ideas.

“A plain, maybe…” Miroku offered.

“To flat. We’d be seen miles away.”

Kagome and Inu Yasha glanced at each other. They were almost lost.

“We can’t find another forest, that’s government property if we could find one large enough.”

“How about a valley. I’m sure there’s one around here somewhere that will be large enough. It was an earthquake hotspot for a long time, remember?”

“Yeah. You know, that might work. What do you think Kagome?” Miroku asked, looking to Kagome for the answer.

“I think it might. I don’t know. All these decisions. Maybe we should look around for a while…”

“We don’t have the luxury,” Inu Yasha muttered.

“He’s right. Time is something we are going to run out of,” Miroku commented.

“Well, we have to look a little. We could spend tomorrow looking, and if it works…we can go there.”

“That sounds about right,” Sango beamed.

“It seems like you have more strategic ability than you give yourself credit for, Kagome,” Miroku nodded.

Kagome blushed a little.

“That’s all fine and good. Now that we have plans taken care of, Kagome’s going to sleep.”

“What? But it’s early,” Kagome whined.

Inu Yasha smirked slightly. “So?”

Kagome’s blush deepened. “Can’t you be a little more subtle?”

Miroku raised his eyebrows and looked suggestively at Sango. Sango sighed, shaking her head.

“Well, good night,” Kagome smiled.

The human couple said their good nights and Kagome walked out of the kitchen. Inu Yasha picked her up and carried her to their bedroom. Shippou had spent the day outside, so Inu Yasha didn’t have to worry about him. He set Kagome down lightly, smirking at the idea of his plan actually succeeding. The door shut quietly.




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