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A Single Strand - Chapter 1 - Awakenings

Kagome walked down the spotless hallway, short high heels clicking slightly. Her white lab coat and skirt swayed in tune with her steps. As she walked, a little boy on her shoulder tied back raven black hair.

The little ball of fur sat back. Shippou was the size of a toddler. He had fluffy mahogany hair that was held out of his face with a ribbon. He was adorned in a blue t-shirt, black pants and a vest. The little boy had cute pointed ears and a fluffy tail.

The ears and the tail were uncommon out side of the building they were in. Youkaibo was the company that had researched biogenetic technology. After many experiments, they succeeded on creating a demon from an old DNA sample. With a single strand of DNA, the scientists at Youkaibo could create a demon. After a demon was created, they would be in suspended animation until their own kind of "Prince Charming" came and woke them up.

Kagome was Shippou's awakener.

Kagome’s liquid brown eyes stared strait ahead as she carried the armful of books to the designated room. She was about to open the door, when it opened into her. All of the books fell to the floor.

An older woman smirked as she walked by. Most people said the two looked identical, but Kagome didn't think so. Sure they had the same hair and eye color, but there was so much more life in Kagome than Kikyou.

"Kagome, are you all right?" the little kit asked, concerned.

"Yes," she muttered as she knelt to pick up the fallen books. Shippou attempted to help, but the books were to heavy, so he was forced to push one to her.

Kagome threw a glance over her shoulder at the retreating form of the wench. "Some day Kikyou," she whispered.

After she had all the books in hand, Kagome stopped at the door to the lab. Memories swarmed her. She hated the place. She swallowed in attempt to regain her composure.

The room was far worse for demons. The things that were done to them in that room scared them for life. Shippou clung tightly to Kagome's neck, shivering with his eyes clamped shut.

Kagome entered the room. The door slowly swung shut behind her. It was a dark room, made worse by the horrid sounds that rent the air. Kagome shut her eyes and hurried to the desk.

"Kaede-san, I brought the books you wanted," Kagome stated with fake cheerfulness. She had opened her eyes and she set the books down on the desk.

"Thank ye, child," the old woman replied turning from what she was doing. Kagome refused to look, keeping her eyes trained on the old woman. Kaede's gray hair was tied back in a bun. Glasses accented her wisdom more than her failing sight. She smiled slightly as she looked at Kagome. "Still don't like this place?"

"Yeah, I can't forget what happened here."

"It will soon pass. Is my sister still causing problems for ye?"

"No," the young girl said quickly. "What makes you say that?"

"The books have a slight amount of dust on them. It is almost as if they have spent time on the ground."

"My hand slipped when I opened the door."

Kaede smiled knowingly. Kagome fidgeted. She was always had problems ratting out her “evil twin”.

"Well, I think I ought to go. My duties will start to pile if I don't. Good luck with your experiments," Kagome called as she hurried out the door.

Once Kagome was out of the room, she leaned against the wall breathing like she had run the mile. After a few minutes, she felt better. Kagome took a bottle of perfume out of her pocket and squirted a few sprays onto her. Both of them took a deep whiff of the moon flower-scented air.

Kagome began to walk back to the library, once more the confident girl she had been. She passed at least a dozen doors before stopping at one.

"Short cut today, Shippou?" she asked quietly. She knew the kit enjoyed visiting the place of his "birth." Despite how others acted, Kagome tried to please her demon every once in a while.

"Really?" Shippou asked, tail flipping with excitement.

Kagome nodded smiling. This was one place she didn't mind going. She opened the door and walked in.

There were a bunch of round human-sized tubes lined in perfect lines. Inside, the DNA replicated itself to reform the creatures humans called "demons." Scientists scurried about, looking from one experiment to another without paying much attention to the library girl and her kit.

They walked by a gigantic aquarium and Shippou stared in awe. One of his brethren would grow to be that size, perhaps to be trained as a vicious fighter and used as a secret weapon in human warfare. It was awe-inspiring.

A glazed eye stared at the young demon as they passed. Shippou followed instinct and shrieked. Some of the scientists stared, but they didn’t say anything.

"Hush, Shippou," Kagome reprimanded lightly.

They continued the walk. The little kit acted like a child at the zoo while Kagome kept the rule of dignified parent. A little ways in, something cracked behind them.

Kagome tuned slowly in time to see a form shatter the glass cage. It landed and knelt in the seeping puddle of excess DNA bases and other materials, as if submitting itself to her. It was clothed in white and had long silver hair that obscured its facial features.

All the scientists around flocked to the area. Once or twice a month, a demon would be awakened, but it was only once in a blue moon that one would break the glass. It was always a big event.

The demon shuddered as the humans crowded around it. Finally, it looked up, golden eyes filled with fright and a hint of annoyance underneath. He looked around frantically.

"Kagome," the figure whispered.

The scientists looked at one another. Who was Kagome?

One had enough sense to look at the stand. After clearing away some liquid, he announced, "Find Kagome. He's an important experiment. Find Kagome and take both of them to the experiment lab!"

Those words sent a course of fear down Kagome's spine. Not there. Not again. And he was a major experiment, so that would be worse. She'd have to go through the pains of watching a living thing being tortured for the agency again.

The scientists started surrounding the freshly 'hatched' demon, who panicked. "Kagome?" it shouted desperately.

No, Kagome decided. She wasn't going to go through with it. She wasn’t going to watch it again. "Inu Yasha! Over here!" she called, gesturing. She didn't know why she had called him that, but it seemed right. She had done the same kind of thing with Shippou as well.

The scientists turned towards her and she ran, praying the new demon was smart enough to follow.

Inu Yasha took the opportunity to jump over the heads of the startled scientists. He ran swiftly towards the fleeing girl, catching up quickly. She squeaked as he caught her up in his arms and kept running.

Inu Yasha slammed into the door into a deserted hallway. "Which way, Kagome?" he asked.

"Left," Kagome stated after thinking a second.

Inu Yasha ran as Kagome rattled off directions. Shippou held on to Kagome’s shoulder for dear life.

"Kagome, what are we doing? Are we leaving here?" the kit asked. He practically had to shout to be heard over the wind.

"Yes, Shippou. We're leaving here. We're leaving and never coming back."

Inu Yasha tried to bust down the door that would lead them outside, but it didn't budge. Kagome jumped down, trying to open it, but it was locked form the outside.

"No! No, no, no, no, no!" Kagome shouted as she struggled with the door handle. She banged once on the door before sliding down to the ground.

She heard footsteps echoing down the hall.

Inu Yasha smirked. "You want out, Kagome?"

"Yes," Kagome replied, voice heavy with defeat.

Inu Yasha’s smirk widened. He snatched Kagome up into his arms and dashed down the hall. They passed Kagome's look alike Kikyou on the way out, leaving her flustered and disheveled. Kagome laughed, wishing she had a camera.

Then, Inu Yasha jumped high, causing the girl in his arms to cling to his neck, making him feel warm for unknown reasons. Then, covering Kagome and the kit with his body, he jumped through the window. Kagome screamed.

Inu Yasha fell through the air and landed, then kept running. He had no choice but to let his senses to guide him. With the way Kagome was looking around, he could tell she had never been truly out like this before.

His instincts eventually led him to a park, where he slowed to a walk. He saw a tall tree, and decided it was apt enough to hide them. He jumped into one of the higher branches. Inu Yasha sat Kagome down at the trunk and took a short distance out further on the limb.

"What was that all about?" Kagome's shout echoed and the nearby apartments heard it clearly.

Inu Yasha stuttered as he tried to explain himself.


Liquid blue eyes watched through the murky substance, his vision blurred further by the glass. Everything looked odd, misshapen. He watched the humans scurry around like rodents, thinking that they were at the top of the food chain. He could tell with a single glance. It was sickening. They were wrong. Humans never would be at the top. No matter when, no matter the cause, they attacked their own kind.

Black hair fanned out around him, although he was too lost in thought to care. His thoughts trailed to escape, to finding the one who had woken him up. Kagome the name rippled across his mind.

"Kagome. What a pleasant scent," he thought allowed. The scent had cut through even the glass, disturbing his sleep. It smelled of the moon. He was grateful he was awake. Sleeping for so long got boring.

One of the white clad men came forward, peering into the murky waters. The demon stared back at him.

The man leapt back in surprise, then he became eccentric. He called to his companions, who got the keys to the tanks.

Moments later, Kouga spilled out off the silver colored platform with most of the liquid as the glass retracted.

He was surrounded by humans. Pushing, prodding humans. He couldn't help but growl. His Kagome was not among them, so they didn’t matter.

"Wolf demon" was echoed throughout the group. One asked if they should put a collar on him to tame his wild blood until they found his awakener.

They ushered him through the hall, surrounding him. He was given a small air pocket, but that was it. Kouga walked with his head down, thinking.

Since he was in the middle of the group, he heard all the things they were saying about him. Unclean, dangerous, a threat, an insult, nuisance. All the negative words made him feel unwanted, one of the only ones the humans themselves hadn't said.

Oh, did he hate them now. Those arrogant pricks who thought they ruled the world. He'd show them sooner or later.

They led him to the room. The room where his trials began. He thought he hated them now, but after that, what word could transcend hate?




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