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Chapter 3 Notes

Incase this was a little confusing for people, I will explain. Uh, this is basically what Wolf had to go through. Not fun, I know. Poor Wolf. But the drastic change in his personality was because he kinda got brain washed, but not really. It was like he was reborn, or something. Any more questions, you can ask.

Another thing, especially about this chapter. I know in Avatar, Zuko was there when his father ascended the throne. Well, that is one of the biggest things that makes this an AU. I donít know why I had it set up this way, but there are some other things that I changed a little which will become more apparent in the next couple of chapters.

Um, I had some real problems putting this chapter up, probably because it was so long, but then the last bit had firewall issues, so it took me a little more effort, so that's what's with the three parts.

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