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Heart of the Wounded - Chapter 1 - Notes

This story was actually a dream that I had, reworked really really bad. It was a tough job getting this story ready to post cuz of comp problems, but I finally did it. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, by the way, the story is rated for future violence. Yes, I am morbid and can't write a single story without harming at least one character.

After watching Tales of Ba Sing Sei, I liked Jin. But, she “pulled a ninja” as I say, and vanished after that episode. So, that’s basically where the idea I had for her came from. I hope I didn’t do really bad on that.

Ok, I wanted to say this, but didn't feel like updating it in the first chapter. What Wolf does sounds a lot like Wolfs Rain, and even Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. That last bit wasn't intentional! I had the dream a good week before Zelda came out. I realized the Wolfs Rain similarity because I was rewatching it for the first time in at least a year, so it doesn't make any sense for me to be copying it. So, sorry for the similarity, but that's how the dream went.

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