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Heart of the Wounded - Chapter 17

Heart of the Wounded - Chapter 17

Wolf walked out of the room. The three resting on the couch looked up and watched as he walked towards the kitchen.

Jin leapt up, hurrying over. “Let me get something started. It’ll just be a moment.”

Wolf smiled slightly. “Thanks Jin.”

Jin smiled. “No problem.” As she hurried into the kitchen, she was assuring herself. Wolf was back. And his eyes are gold. Not blue like the other Wolf had.

“Do you need help?” Wolf asked, taking a step towards the kitchen.

“No!” Jin exclaimed. She repeated it quietly. “No…just…go sit with the others.”

Wolf sat down with the other two. They were watching him closely, he could feel it. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled without looking at them.

“There is nothing to apologize for,” Iroh replied quietly.

“I did something stupid. I shouldn’t have said some things…So, I’m sorry.”


“And for whatever I did the other day…”

“That wasn’t you. You don’t need to apologize for the wrongdoing of others.”

Wolf looked up at Iroh, confused. “But…”

“Stop it, Wolf,” Zuko cut in.

Wolf looked at Zuko to find the young man look away. Was Zuko ashamed to be around him now? He looked down.

Maybe now would be a good time to tell them your plan, Ma Lir hissed in Wolf’s mind.

Since when did you offer up advice?

Since I’ve been awake, damn it. Now tell them!

I’m telling them about you. That you’re telling me to do that.

Yeah, I’d like to see their reaction. Our poor little Wolf’s gone crazy. He’s a fricken psychopath! Haha.

Wolf leaned back casually. “So, I was thinking.”

Zuko looked back, cautious. The sudden change in Wolf’s emotions just didn’t seem right.

“What were you thinking about?” Iroh asked.

“Maybe…Maybe I will go after the Avatar. We are after the same goal, right? Maybe I won’t though. I’m not really sure yet.”

Jin chose that moment to pop into the room with the food. She set it down in front of Wolf with a flourish. “Eat up.”

Iroh reached over to snatch a piece, but Jin smacked his hand. “Wolf hasn’t eaten anything for two days. Let him eat,” she scolded.

Iroh rubbed his hand. “I just wanted a little bit. I haven’t had good food for a while.”

“That was sent for Wolf, not you.”

“Who sent it?”

Jin looked at Iroh. Iroh avoided eye contact. He didn’t want to answer that one. Zuko shook his head quickly when Jin looked to him for help. “Some…girl. I don’t know her, but she said her name was Yue. She said she’d heard what happened and hoped you would be better soon, and that these things…she called them ‘sushi’, and said they were made out of fish… that they’re good for you, and you should eat them when you woke up. Because it’s so cold, they keep really well.”

Wolf smiled weakly. Jin was rambling. That was just what she always did. Everything was going to be fine. “I’ll have to thank her before we leave.”

Suddenly, the door flew open. A white shape hurried in with small snow flurries. The figure turned quickly, shutting the door behind her.

She turned, smiling. “Good morning Wolf. I see you are up. I wanted to talk with you and your friends.”

“We were just talking about you, Princess Yue. Thanks for the sushi thingies. They’re pretty good.”

“Wolf, that’s not what I’m here for, but I am glad that you like them. We have a small problem…”

“Princess Yue, if there is something you need, tell us. Stop being royalty for a minute and come out and say it. Don’t avoid the topic with flowery words,” Wolf ordered lightly.

“All right. We have a Fire Nation ship coming this way.”



Chapter 17- END

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